1. posthawk:

    Scarface (1983)

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    The dapper Benedict Sea Cucumberbatch

    (Inspired by this Comic Con weekend)

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  3. starcevic:


    Greyhound being read a scary story

    this is important to me

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  4. theoddcollection:

    Now that’s some cool silverware.

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  5. littlelimpstiff14u2:

    The Translucent Neo Realism of Eduardo Naranjo

    He was distinguished in 1991 as “Extremadura Hoy” and the Gold Medal of Extremadura, and in 1995 was awarded the Military Cross for his contribution to the Arts and the Army.

    His work is disturbing and complex. The drawing is perfect, transcendent and illusory to contribute a special light and a colorful austere… It is a metaphorical realism, fantasy and imaginative work.

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  6. Because I don’t post enough of my own art on this blog.  Granted, I have an actual art blog over this way  http://taylorsblue.tumblr.com/  but no one follows me and I don’t want to be “that guy” who reblogs their own posts…

    not that I’ve done it in the past or anything….

  8. houseofthevoid:


    L’enfer Cabaret, Boulevard de Clichy, Montmartre, Paris

    Built circa 1890; demolished circa 1952.

    Entertainment inside the “inferno of hell” included musicians dressed as devils and interior volcanos that spewed scented lava of molten gold. 

    After the “cabaret artistique” was demolished, the site became a Monoprix retail store.

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  9. jamesjeanart:

    Knight. Ink on Paper and Digital Color, 8.25 x 11.5”, 2014. 

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  10. floserber:

    Gustave Doré, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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