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    Featured Artist #6: Mark A. Facey

    Creature Journal is the Tumblr website of the artist Mark A. Facey and was, in fact, the inspiration for me to create this Tumblr.

    His beautifully coloured drawings are a mix of fantasy and science fiction and come always accompanied by descriptions of the amazing creatures he paints.

    Mark has recently published a PDF book with more than 52 illustrations, many of them you can see in this photoset, with amazingly high-resolution. The most amazing though is that it is selling for only $2! I’ve got mine and I don’t regret. You can buy it directly from his website or through this link:

    Creature Journal Volume 1

    More Mark A. Facey @: | Tumblr | Society 6 | CfD |


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    The Little Mermaid: Dream of Eternity, day and night versions by Pierre Droal

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    Willow concept art by Moebius

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    Ralph Steadman + George Orwell

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    doc martens pascal boot (the classic eight-eye) now comes in a reproduction of the right panel of heironymus bosch’s garden of earthly delights 

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  10. Something I did. This something will be available to buy once I finish the others.  Stay tuned! 

    Oh, you might want to check out www.taylorbluestudios.com for more art things!